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Or, as I like to call it,“Telling the truth about American History.”

In all the time I spent in school in my life, the history I learned was almost always about white people. That’s why I like to talk about “telling the truth about American history” when people start ranting and raving about “Critical Race Theory.” Frankly, when we tell only the story of white Americans, we’re not telling the whole truth about this country.

QAnon- Talking Loved Ones Who Are Captivated

As I “travel” via zoom to speak to church groups about Who Stole My Bible, the question I always get is how to talk to loved ones who are getting pulled down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, most of which are rooted in racism. So, I created a guide to talking with friends and family about QAnon and Christian Nationalism...

A Spiritual Discipline
It takes a herculean effort to really know history because our culture deliberately obscures it. The purveyors of history have primarily been those in power, and they have written and recorded a triumphalist narrative about who we are. What if we were to look beyond the fragmented history we were taught in school? If we dig a little deeper to find the volumes of truth that have been intentionally left out of our nation's story, we can find enlightenment and knowledge that liberates our communities instead of holding us back.

Pause and Reflect 

The protesters in the streets calling for justice are the voices challenging the status quo that dominates and subjugates poor and marginalized people. The prophets in scripture repeatedly call out those who prey on and cheat the poor, and they reveal a God who rejects the worship of those who exploit others and instead demands justice. Who are the prophets of our day? What is holding us back from stepping into the prophetic witness and vision happening today?

Countering a culture of Scarcity and Anxiety

How do we embrace abundance in our spiritual and activist life? I’m learning for starters to listen to my body. We are trained not to listen to our pain therefore we cannot see or address the pain of others.

Non-Conformity to Empire

As I watch Derek Cauvin’s trial, I see George Floyd on the cross. I can’t help but think about how the same people Jesus Christ cared for are still being criminalized and are at the mercy of the Pilates of today. What would it look like to walk alongside them, build bridges, and be good neighbors with them? To be the healing hands and feet of Jesus? I am still learning. Part of my learning is doing some intense unlearning. Ibram Kendi, the author of ‘How to be An Anti-Racist’, says, “It’s very difficult to grow up in a country, or even a world, that’s constantly raining racist ideas on your head and to never get wet.” I can see the ways I too am blinded in the surrounding downpour, but I know Jesus can be our umbrella of truth.

The Struggle for LGTBQ Equality

In Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina, Faith in Public Life has seen first hand how cynical and bigoted politicians argue that the Equality Act violates their religious beliefs; They claim their Christian faith teaches them not to honor the full dignity of LGBTQ people, and that laws calling on them to do so are unconstitutional, all the while consistently try to pass legislation that would harm our LGBTQ neighbors.

White Supremacy Rearing its Head

We are also on the heels of some tragic anniversaries, like the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, committed not by individuals but by the police who are agents of the state. Just last year faith and civil rights groups finally managed to pass hate crimes legislation in the wake of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Even as the murder of six women of Asian descent was done by a single individual, we need to be clear that this was made possible by state policies.

COVID Relief

The Covid Relief bill delivers rescue checks and resources to address the devastation of the pandemic, by investing in human flourishing--putting the vulnerable ahead of the uber-wealthy and corporations, but it also fundamentally reshapes our economy in a way that has more potential to work for everyone and help address the needs of those usually left behind in our greed-based economic policies: people of color, women, children and the disabled.

Getting through the Slog

The Bible speaks of heroes like Shiphrah, Puah, Miriam, Moses, Vashti, Esther, the apostle Paul, John of Patmos, and more who challenged the tyrants of their day, risking their lives and freedom. If we take a page from Revelation, the call to hope takes on the spirit of resistance. The book of Revelation, written by the prophet John, is about the violence of Rome’s rule. The passages about pain and evil as well as the passages about hope are aimed at his readers, in his current context, not some distant future. These stories were passed on to us to give us stamina and determination.